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My Contemplations

"Trying to obscure the brilliance of sunlight will only get you as far as Icarus; if we are indeed to reach the heights only attained by men that dream, then merging with the sky's stars will heighten its intensity." - Enlys 

"The more favours and gifts you supply, the less gratitude you will receive. The pseudo-sense of a token undeserving will not only reduce the respect you receive from others but will ultimately remove your sense of self respect. Surprise do cometh from gratitude not expected and is more often from a state of genuity." - Enlys

"We all have fears, but if history has proven one thing it is this; the brave put down their fears and go forward, sometimes to death, but always to victory."  - Enlys

" Our motive's but a ripple, a reflection, an echo, be it the beauty in the dark, the tragedy in the light; Life flows amidst it all like the waters of solace. " - Enlys

"The world without is first created from the mind within, if man should develop one thing it is this; discernment with the inner eye brings forth more personal wealth than what is seen with both eyes, if we should go blind, the world we want to create would be the only visible thing we see. We should stop looking at things as they are and realize that our reality springeth forth from our creative perceptions or lack thereof. Arise now and lift the veil from your eyes for when the mind and the soul worketh in unison the mustard seed is planted and nurtured.  " - Enlys

"Our real enemies are not the thieves, the envious nor the ones that wish to do us harm. Our real enemies are ourselves, for we have been led to believe that we have been born and shaped in sin and thus have perpetuated a reality reflecting such. Look into the eyes of the young and you will see the reflection of heaven for they know not of the impurities of our mind's creation. What love would a creator have for his creations if HE was to allow the manifestation of imperfection?

Man has always chosen to reflect his image upon a god of his own creation and worship, blaspheme and in vain identify with such a being. Quiet the soul and you will become as Judas; revealing your true nature to yourself, crucify what you know and realize the TRUTH; the creator exists in heaven within us all embody HIS virtues and SIN no more. " - Enlys

"The image of the CREATOR is not in the flesh and bones of our mortal frame, but in the thoughts we allow to manifest. Every WORD that cometh forth out of one's mouth MUST be realized for in HIS DIVINE Glory he has granted us freedom of WILL. Take caution to the voice within that speaketh sweet and seductive words and beguiles us, for we have nurtured the tree and partaken of its fruit for far too long and the serpent smiles at our transgressions. One should remember that even Jesus himself was not free from the voice of temptation, but he allowed not himself to partake of the fruit. We search the skies for Heaven and Earth for Eden denying ourselves of the simplicity of the TRUTH, ALL is within, Free Your Mind. " - Enlys

"What a day of rejoicing there will be, when the two become one and work, what wonders there will be when the gates of Heaven opens and springs forth its waters and anoints the sons of the Father. What a day of revelation there will be when the prodigal son returns to open arms from the never ending love of the Father. O'what a day it'll be. " - Enlys

"For my time has come when I can deny no longer my purpose, for through HIS glory have I seen the light and have witnessed the lifting of the veil. I claim the works I do not for myself but for HIM as I am nothing but a servant of his grace, an angel at the throne of Heaven. I will be mocked and ridiculed by the ones who call themselves the faithful and be set alight like the fires that burns immortal in Tartarus, but upon the river Styx I have bathed in secret that no man knoweth of my mortal ties, for the road of righteousness is a narrow path and those who dare to walk it walketh alone.

It is a path that calls forth all Men to walk but only a few will walk it in this lifetime, but it is a path that All must walk." - Enlys

"My heart sounds as Scottish bagpipes playing the themed brave-heart. My memories fade like sunset's sky. I feared this moment I claimed my own, this moment's own I feared no claim. The waters waded silence gate and in no peace my centered pace, I drifted still into the dark, the moon shun dim, I felt your love. " - Enlys

"A gift of a thistle, a thorn of a rose,scarlet stained armour, one's dying curse,agony's delight in happiness' paradise,tear soaked cloak, fountain eyes. In dismay winds howled

through sun's pierced gaze and on that day was silence' s debt paid. " - Enlys

" Cherish each moment like it was the last in life. Fortune favours not the ill nor the prepared; for at no prior warning we become as we once were, the dust without the breath. " - Enlys

"I've seen the selfishness of pride , the evil side of envy, the darker side  of lust, the wages of gluttony. Witnessed honest men succumb  to the tyranny of greed and their  wrath stained the earth with lives never truly lived. And for lack of effort we fooled our selves and called it rest, for our ignorance bared witness to soul's slothfulness."- Enlys

"They may eat with you, work with you, live with you, talk to you, but never  let it get to the point where they walk over you and take you for granted, for  people will always look out for their best interests at first, often times at your cost." - Enlys

"Be very mindful of those who call themselves your friends when the sun is shining,for it's only when it rains we see who offers to share their  cover.- Enlys

"I've always held the belief that a man's word ties in with his reputation. If one cannot trust your word you cannot expect s-he to trust you.- Enlys

"I've  come to realize an old proverb of : Your friends determine your character  to be true , and I have  come to realize that solace and silence are the only best friends man should hold dear to his heart, for friends will turn on you when the oppourtunity suits them and hold you back if you let them. If you are to strive in what you truly believe in, learn to take the path less traveled, even if it means you walk alone." - Enlys

"A  lion will lose his zeal to hunt if he spends his time with sloths. Be mindful of who you allow time for in your day- Enlys

"They will check in with you to find out how far  you have progressed, and gauge how they should react based on your response; not all considerations are genuine.- Enlys

"I have spent time  being around the worst type of people that exist, dream killers.  You know them, the ones who always have the answers to what's best for your life, when they themselves have never strove for nothing more than cheap talk and tricks.- Enlys

"Striving for a rich bank account while perpetuating a  poor mindset will keep you in poverty. Be not envious of those who are wealthy. Creations of wealth begins firstly with the unseen and manifests in time if you nurture its roots.- Enlys

"The only resources indiscriminately  given to Man is mind and  time, once you are alive NOW you are equally sharing those resources with every living soul on the planet.  How you use it however determines their effectiveness to reap favourable results.- Enlys

"All my life  I have done my best to adhere to two simple  principles: live with integrity and guard my reputation with vehemence.- Enlys

"They will always be there when it is favourable for them and use you as they see fit, but when the shoe is on the other foot, they'll say they don't walk.- Enlys

"It is much easier to continue on something that has been done before but what sets one apart is the ability to create something that the world has never seen previously. Give your all to such a  cause, the world has already appreciated current  works, wow them with something different, unique and personal." ​-ENlys

"The sun will set on my time here,and the stars will shimmer with the brilliance of a thousand lights, for when I leave this place I promise you the darkness will not take away from the radiance created." ​--ENlys

"So many walked with me in the beginning, so few are with me in the end, seek first the kingdom of God and have no faith in man." - ENlys

"Every battle I have faced have brought on even more zeal, for I have yet to prove that God has not been my shield" - ENlys

"Friends and time are never proportional, you may know someone for a lifetime and they have naught an impact on your life and yet you may know someone for a day and you wonder how you could have ever existed without them." - ENlys

"I appreciate my enemies over friends, for I know where they stand." ​- ENlys

"Show me an honest man and I'll ask him how much he has suffered." ​- ENlys

"We have missed out on something very simple and beautiful in our existence on this Earth, for we have placed value in material things and not in our brothers and sisters. Though some may be rich in things they are poor in spirit and no amount of money can give them the Truth of that happiness." ​- ENlys

"In the name of the Father many have claimed lives, land and titles.

 In the name of the Father many have enforced their laws and their beliefs upon others. 

In the name of the Father they have decided which of his creations are superior and which ones should be exterminated.

It truly is a wonder whom they call Father." ​- ENlys

"Judge not by what you see with your eyes, for they have deluded you into thinking this reality is Truth. The greatest trick the mind has ever conceived is allowing you to believe that everything is as it seems. " ​- ENlys

"And when you let go and move on they'll say they miss you dearly. We tend not to appreciate what we have in front of us until it no longer exists in our world. " ​- ENlys

"Waste not time on things that does not make you better and evolve your state of being. For the happiness you attain from this state is temporary." ​- ENlys

"Be very weary of the ones that constantly complain, nothing will ever be good enough for them." ​- ENlys

"Be proud of the achievements you attain but never forget The One who gave you the power to achieve such feats." ​- ENlys

"Sometimes you have to go about your own business for them to see the way. Talking leads you only so far." ​- ENlys

"You first have to position the mind for greater things before you see it realized in this reality." ​- ENlys

"Hold them close but not too close." ​- ENlys

"Be always mindful of the ones you assist in life, most come in your life to find that chink in your armour." ​- ENlys

"You know the story. When you can't do anything for them you know your friends." ​- ENlys

"Don't be sad when you realize you now walk alone, rejoice for now you will see the light and the truth." ​- ENlys

"Better a vicious enemy than a shifty friend." ​- ENlys

"The road to success is never an easy one, be not amazed of the ones who seem to have it so easy, you know not of their struggles." ​- ENlys

"All my life I have strove to do right by myself and prove beyond a doubt that nothing is impossible. And now we wait for the prestige; that magic that cannot be replicated." ​- ENlys

"It is all good and well when you have something to offer, everyone stretches out their hands for something. But when you have your hands outstretched you now realize a sad truth, they were not there for you." ​- ENlys

"They will seduce you with kind words and gestures for their personal gains. Remember that." ​- ENlys

"The friend that always  hunts for the quick dollar will waste no time to trade you for silver." ​- ENlys

"I keep no friends." ​- ENlys

"Be not fooled by the word family, often times its better to lie with enemies." ​- ENlys

"Many will stand by the waters and look upon you as if they lacked the capacity to drink. For your cup is much easier for them to indulge in. " ​- ENlys

"When you are troubled seek not expert advice from novice people, they can only help you based on their limited understanding." ​- ENlys

"Enough is enough, said He for the thousandth time." ​- ENlys

"When will we realize that all we have been lead to believe is nothing but a program. All that we see is nothing but an illusion. When you master the mind, you master your world." ​- ENlys

"Morpheus the god of sleep, awaken me from this dream." ​- ENlys

"If I am to be an average of the five closest people I hang around with then I need to be very mindful of who is within my circle." ​- ENlys

"Sometimes the ones you've grown up with are the ones that stunt your growth." ​- ENlys

"If it's one  gift I have cherished the most from the Father it's wisdom, for I have been troubled and now I am astonished that the truth laid so plainly in my sight yet I was just a fool." ​- ENlys

"Do not for one second be fooled into thinking make-up hides your flaws if nothing it pronounces it even more." ​- ENlys

"What's worst? Pretending to be happy when you are sad inside, or pretending to be like-minded with individuals that you have nothing in common with?" ​- ENlys

"Wondrous is the mind that focuses on prosperity. 

Torturous is the mind  that focuses on lack and envy. 

Demented is the mind  that  has called itself the faithful  and has never seen heaven. 

Happy is the mind that enjoys the simple things and has not been ensnared to material things. 

Hopeful is the mind that strives for greater things for  it has nourished the seed of the universe and it sprouts in its fullness always and by its' eternal time. 

Thankful is the mind that recognizes God in all things shape and form and has leaned not unto it's own understanding but only that of the Father's."

 ​- ENlys

"The only stumbling block in life is not to have ever truly experienced it. Mistakes shows you where you have fallen short and you are in a much better place than those who do not even try."

 ​- ENlys