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Enlys Azrael  Presents: THe Man From Seraephym E.P.

Created September 3, 2023

   (Click on Image for Download)

  • TMFS EP Interlude

  • The Victor's Sacrifice

  • The Mind's Dichotomy

  • Never Give Up

  • Ital Meditations

  • Closer

  • Nah Guh Lie Interlude

  • Tek TIme 



Enlys Azrael  Presents: Xo COnvos 

Created January 4,2022

   (Click on Image for Download)

  • Xo COnvos I

  • Xo COnvos II

  • Xo COnvos III

  • Xo COnvos IV

  • Xo COnvos V

  • Xo COnvos VI


Enlys Azrael  Presents: Enlys Rewind (2011 Throwback)

Created December 6th,2021

   (Click on Image for Download)

  • Sippin On (Ft.Damo)

  • Shots & Bars

  • Take it Slow

  • Friends

  • Take Me Away 

  • Enlys Messing Around FreeFlow


Enlys Azrael  Presents: The Proud Prince E.P.

Created March 24,2021

"The Prince of all Sayings"   (Click on Image for Download)

  • The Prince's Atonement (Beat By Siemma)

  • Easy Money   

  • The Proud Prince Interlude ( Dumb Flex Cover; Beat by DTG) 

  • Talk To Me 

  • Xo Conversations (Beat by Takunda Ababio) 


Enlys Azrael  Presents: FreeStyle 4 (EP) 

Created October 15,2020

Studio Styles FreeStyle Vibes  (Click on Image for Download)

  • GirlStyle

  • Pon Dah Chair Yah  

  • Roll Up 

  • Dem Know We Know


"Enlys Azrael  Presents: The Man From Seraephym LP"

Created April 27,2020

A journey into the mind of Enlys  (Click on Image for Download)

  • Push Start

  • The Man From Seraephym 

  • Nah Let Yuh Go 

  • Garden of Eden 

  • If I Fall 

  • Just Waan Yuh 

  • For You 

  • Plans For You 

  • Feel Like Do 

  • Whine Slow With It

  • X-Rated


Enlys Presents: Anxo Hjarta E.P. 

Created February 21, 2018

Enlys' first official E.P. 

  • Azrael's Interlude

  • A Creative's Soliloquy

  • Come Over

  • Show Me 

  • Voice of An Insomniac


Enlys Presents: Supernova EP 

Created September 25,2014

A journey into some Enlys' earlier works  (Click on Image for  Download)

  • Friends (Ft.Elisha)

  • Take it Slow 

  • Lyrical Same Way 

  • Mama Don't Cry 

  • Order Ina Di Clan ( Bonnie and Clyde Remix) 

  • Celtic Lullaby 

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